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Alcohol marketing monitoring

The NordAN Alcohol marketing monitoring section was founded in 2013 after a NordAN seminar in Vilnius organized by Lithuania National Tobacco and Alcohol Control Coalition (NTAKK).  Alcohol marketing monitoring is an important issue in Europe over the past 5-6 years and it is reasonable for NordAN to have a more active role in that aspect of alcohol control. The goal of the section would be to coordinate activities in this area, provide a network for development of activities and improve policy on this issue in the region.  This will be the first session organized by the new section and will cover following themes.

 Alcohol marketing monitoring session  chaired by N. Goštautaitė Midttun (Lithuania)


# Alcohol marketing monitoring in NordAN region introductory remarks: whys' and hows'

# Section activities and network

# NGO and governmental sector cooperation in marketing monitoring and control

# Available monitoring programs and instruments

# Roadmap to the NordAN policy position paper  regarding alcohol marketing monitoring and control

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